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PR720 series industrial digital thermometer

1. Can connect different type temperature sensors 2.Two years accuracy 0.04~0.8°C cover full range 3.Wilde temperature range to choose(-150°C ~1768°C) 4.User-configurable temperature Trend/Stability indicator 5.Display temperature in °C 6.Optional data logging to internal memory 7.1400-hour battery life 8.Percent battery-life and low-battery indicator 9. Wireless communication function

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The PR720 series industrial digital thermometer can be connected to a variety of thermocouple or resistance thermometer sensors, and the sensor data can be corrected on the thermometer without the use of other peripherals. They are suitable for industrial or laboratory test environments where sensors need to be replaced frequently and the requirements for test results are high.

Products Features

  • Special PRT sensor with correction values

The PR720 series thermometer is connected to the sensor in a single-wire communication mode. The correction value is automatically loaded without any additional settings when the thermometer is powered on. For the relatively short life of

 the thermocouple sensor, we offer an intermediate connector (PR7201) with a reference junction compensation function. When the sensor needs to be replaced, the user can set the correction value of the new sensor and save it to the intermediate connector (PR7201).

  • Various temperature sensors are supported

In order to meet different application requirements, PR720 series thermometer support many types of thermocouples and PRTs, including S, N, K, T, PT100, PT200 and PT1000. All PRTs are aged and calibrated before being delivered to the customer.

  • Wireless communication function

The PR720A has a wireless communication function, which uses multiple PR720A and combined with the PC software to perform wireless temperature uniformity testing, which is more flexible and convenient than the traditional application notes.

  • Low power, portable design

The PR720 series is much smaller than a general secondary instrument and is ideal for factory use. With a low-power design, the PR720 can operate for 1400 hours with three AAA batteries.

  • Zero-point mark function

This function marks the current temperature as zero, and then the obtained temperature value is the temperature value relative to this point.

  • Over temperature reminder function

The screen flashes when the PR720’s temperature exceeds the limit.

Basic Parameters

Operating temperature-5℃~45℃
Working Humidity0~80%,Non condensing
Battery type3 AAA alkaline batteries
Electronics dimensions (H x W x D)104*46*30mm
Weight (including battery)120g
Calibration period2 years
Preheating timePreheat one minute
Communication2.4G wireless(PR720A) ; RS232(PR720B)
Connector life≥5000 insertions
Time of durationTurn off wireless communications and backlight≥1400 hours
Turn on wireless communications and auto send ≥700 hours

Temperature sensor selection table

No.ModelTemp. Range (℃)Probe Size (mm)Length of wireSensor typeInitial indication
1ADPG1400403-40~200Φ4*403.0 mA class PT10000.1+0.02%RD
2ADPF1104001-40~200Φ1.5*4001.0 m0.1+0.02%RD
3ADPG2400403-60~300Φ4*403.0 m0.1+0.02%RD
4ADPF2504001-60~300Φ5*4001.0 m0.1+0.02%RD
5ADPG0605001-200~300Φ6*5001.5 mA class PT1000.15+0.05%RD
6ADPG3500503RT~500Φ5*503.0 mA class PT10000.1+0.025%RD
7ADPF3505001RT~500Φ5*5001.5 m0.1+0.025%RD
8APPG5605001RT~800Φ6*5001.5 m0.2+0.07%RD
9NNPK6120200RT~1050Φ1.5*2000/Type N thermocouple0.3+0.1%RD

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