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PR750/751 series high precision temperature and humidity recorder

PR750 / 751 series high precision temperature and humidity recorder is suitable for temperature and humidity test and calibration in large space from - 30 ℃ to 60 ℃. It integrates temperature and humidity measurement, display, storage and wireless communication.

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PR750 / 751 series highprecision temperature and humidity recorder is suitable for temperature and humidity test and calibration in large space from - 30 ℃ to 60 ℃. It integrates temperature and humidity measurement, display, storage and wireless communication. It is compact in appearance and easy to carry. It can be combined with PC, PR2002 repeater and PR190A portable data server to form the various testing systems that are suitable for temperature and humidity measurement in different environment.


■ Distributed temperature and humidity measurement

PR750 / 751 series recorders are specially designed for temperature and humidity measurement and calibration in large space environment. One 2.4G WLAN is established by connecting the PC transmitter or PR190A portable data server (integrated transmitter) . One WLAN can hold 254 temperature and humidity recorders at most. Just place or hang the recorder at the corresponding position when it is operated, and the recorder will automatically collect and store the temperature and humidity data according to the preset time interval.

■ Signal blind spots can be eliminated

The reliable communication distance between a single recorder and the host is more than 30 meters without the repeaters and partial occlusion, which can meet the test requirements of ordinary constant temperature and humidity space. If the measurement space is large or there are many obstructions in the space, the signal strength of WLAN can be improved by adding some repeaters (PR2002 wireless repeaters). According to the different environment, each repeater can increase the effective communication distance within 50-100 meters, which can effectively solve the problem of wireless signal coverage in large space or irregular space.

■ Special software and hardware for the reliability of test data

In the process of sending data to the host computer, the low-power wireless recorder sometimes encounters the problem of accidental data loss. When the PR750 / 751 series recorder receives error data or missing data, it will automatically check and update the missing data. Even if the whole recording process of the recorder is offline, it can also be prompted by the software wizard through wireless or USB flash disk. The mode is used to complete the data, thus providing users with higher integrity of the original data.

■ Excellent full range temperature and humidity accuracy

In order to meet the diversified calibration requirements of users, different types of PR750 / 751 series recorders adopt different principles of temperature and humidity measurement elements, which have excellent measurement accuracy in the full range, providing reliable guarantee for temperature and humidity traceability and calibration. Taking PR750A recorder as an example, the accuracy of full range is better than ± 0.15 ℃ and 1.5% RH, and the accuracy can reach ± 0.1 ℃ and 0.8% RH at 5 ℃, 20 ℃ and 50 ℃.

■ Low power

PR750 / 751 series recorders have the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption. According to different models, rechargeable lithium batteries with different capacities are used. PR750A can work continuously for more than 130 hours under the setting of one minute sampling period, while PR750B and PR751 series products can work continuously for more than 200 hours. The working time can be further increased by configuring longer sampling period.

■ Built in storage and USB 

PR750 / 751 series recorder has built-in 2MB flash memory, which can store more than 50 days of measurement data according to the calculation of recording and sending a group of data per minute. In addition, PR750 / 751 series recorder is designed with standard micro USB interface, through which charging or data transmission can be carried out. The recorder can copy and edit the data as a U-disk after connecting to the PC with the conventional USB cable, which is convenient for processing the test data quickly under the abnormal condition of the local wireless network.

■ Flexible in use, easy to operate

Despite its size is quite small, PR750 / 751 series recorders also design display screens and buttons to satisfy the most basic human interface demands for users. No other peripherals are needed to view the current temperature and humidity value, power, network number, address and other information, which is convenient for users to debug before networking. Furthermore, users can easily configure different environmental temperature and humidity calibration systems by using recorder, wireless repeater, wireless data server and PC according to the actual needs.

■ Excellent software features

PR750 / 751 series recorder and PC or portable data server constitute the temperature and humidity test system. No matter what combination mode is used, PANRAN provides professional temperature and humidity acquisition software. In addition to the basic functions of conventional display of various real-time data, curves and data storage.Furthermore, visual point layout configuration, real-time temperature and humidity cloud chart display, data processing and report output function are also qualified.

■ Remote monitoring can be realized with PANRANintelligent metrology

When the PR190A portable data server is used as the host, all the original data in the whole test process will be sent to the cloud server through 4G network in real time, and any internet terminal authorized by the user can be used to view. The user can monitor the test data, test status and data quality in real time on the RANRAN smart metrologyapp, and can also view and output historical test data to establish a cloud data center, and provide users with longterm data cloud storage, cloud computing and other services.


Picture 1:From left to right are PR750A, PR750B, PR751B (PR751A and PR750B have the same appearance)


Picture 2:Connect to laptop using Micro USB


      PR750B Show some close-ups         Close-up of bottom mechanical switch


Product NameHigh precision temperature and humidity recorderHigh precision temperature and recorder
Measuring range-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃The whole recorder should be put into the measured environment
5℃/20℃/50℃ Accuracy±0.1℃ 1.0%RH±0.2℃ 2.0%RH±0.07℃±0.15℃One year calibration period
Full range accuracy±0.15℃ 1.5%RH±0.3℃ 4.0%RH±0.1℃±0.25℃
Dimensionsφ38×86mmφ38×57mmφ38×57mmφ38×48mmExcluding antenna height
weight80g77g77g75gWeight includes battery
Battery duration130hours  (5.5days)240hours  (10days)200hours  (8days)Collect and send data at one minute
Charging time1.5hours           3hours           3hours           charging to 95% with DC5V 2A
Battery specifications3.7V 650mAh3.7V 1300mAh3.7V 1300mAhRechargeable lithium batteries
Data storage capacity2MB(store 60K sets of data)2MB (store 80K sets of data)Include time information
Effective communication distanceLinear distance from transmitter≥ 30mIn the same space
Wireless communication2.4G (using ZIGBEE protocol)
Charging interfaceStandard Micro USBCharging / data

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