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China Metrology Association Think Tank Committee Experts to PANRAN Research Exchange


On the morning of June 4th,

Peng Jingyue, Secretary-General of Think Tank Committee of China Metrology Association; Wu Xia, Industrial Metrology Expert of Beijing Great Wall Metrology and Testing Technology Institute; Liu Zengqi, Beijing Aerospace Metrology and Testing Technology Research Institute; Ruan Yong, President of Ningbo Metrology and Testing Society, and other 6 experts The delegation came to the PANRAN company for research and guidance, and had discussions with PANRAN company’s general manager Mr. Zhang Jun and other relevant personnel.


PANRAN general manager Mr. Zhang Jun accompanied experts from the Think Tank Committee to visit the company's production workshop and R&D center.



At the symposium, Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the Think Tank Committee for its attention to the company, and explained the company's basic situation, R&D technology level, scientific research and production capacity to the experts present, so that the experts present could truly feel the brand strength and charm of PANRAN.


Peng Jingyue, secretary-general of the Think Tank Committee of the China Metrology Association, fully affirmed the company's measurement work after listening to the company's introduction, and introduced the experts and the think tank committee on the scene. The experts present spoke highly of the company's products.


Through this forum and exchanges, the two parties have deepened their mutual understanding and hope to take this survey as an opportunity to broaden the areas of cooperation, realize common development while giving play to their respective advantages, and contribute to boosting the development of the metrology industry.

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