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Leaders from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Shandong Agricultural University came to Panran for exchanges and investigations


In order to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, on the morning of October 14th, Liu Xishan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Shandong Agricultural University, Vice Deans Wang Jinxing, Song Yuepeng and other leaders came to the company for exchanges and investigations.

Group photo of leaders from Shandong Agricultural University

During the investigation, the company’s general manager Zhang Jun led leaders of Shandong Agricultural University to visit the company’s production workshops and office environment, and introduced in detail the company’s corporate culture, main products, process flow, company’s party building and school-enterprise cooperation. The scientific research work carried out by the teachers in the company and the practical work of interns have been fully affirmed.

General manager Zhang Jun accompanied leaders of Shandong Agricultural University to visit the company

Subsequently, the company's general manager Zhang Jun, technical vice president He Baojun, and R&D director Xu Zhenzhen had discussions and exchanges with leaders of Shandong Agricultural University. The leaders of the college gave high praise to the company's personnel training and party building work, and inquired in detail about the company's current talent needs. The leaders of the company and the school leaders exchanged views on the actual needs of the company, cooperation in scientific research projects, and personnel training. The school leaders communicated with the students who stayed in the company for employment, encouraging students to learn more, improve their practical ability, and make contributions to the company.

Interns and students who stay in the company communicate with leaders of Shandong Agricultural University

School-enterprise talks and exchanges

Close school-enterprise cooperation to achieve a win-win situation for individuals, schools and enterprises. This exchange research meeting enhanced the purpose of in-depth communication and cooperation between schools and enterprises, strengthened exchanges between parties, and laid a solid foundation for the next step of school-enterprise cooperation.

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