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Preparation of the International Cooperation Expert Committee,Zhang Jun, general manager of Panran, serves as a member of the preparatory committee


The 2022-23 International Cooperation Conference in the Field of Metrology and Measurement is about to be held. As an expert of the Academic Working Committee in the field of inspection, testing and certification, Mr. Zhang Jun, the general manager of our company, participated in the relevant preparation activities of the International Cooperation Expert Committee, which is composed of international metrology experts and Chinese metrology experts , Zhang Jun, general manager of Panran, served as a member of the preparatory committee.


The purpose of the International Cooperation Expert Committee is to build a bridge of international exchanges and cooperation in the field of metrology and promote the high-quality development of the metrology and testing industry. Mr. Zhang Jun, on behalf of Panran, participated in the evaluation of technologies and products in the field of inspection, testing and certification by the International Cooperation Special Committee. This is a high recognition of our company in the field of measurement at home and abroad, and Panran will continue to make its own contribution to the measurement business.

The following list of members of the Preparatory Committee of the International Cooperation Committee


 Han Yu - CTI Testing and Certification Group

Vice President:

 Wang Daoyuan -Technical Research Institute of Guangzhou Radio and Television Metrology and Testing Co., Ltd.

 Shen Hong - Guangdong Metrology Association

 Jing Shudian-Jinan Continental Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

 Xu Yuanping-Nanjing Bosen Technology Co., Ltd.

 Tao Zecheng-Kunshan Innovation Technology Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

 Hu Haitao-Dongguan Haida Instrument Co., Ltd.

 Zhang Jun-Taian Panran Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.

 Zeng Yongchun -Dalian Bokong Technology Co., Ltd.

 Lin Ying-Anhui Hongling Electromechanical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd.

 Sun Fajun -Beijing Jingyuan Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd.


 Peng Jingyue - Director of China Metrology Association (former)

Deputy Secretary:

  Wu Xia -Beijing Institute of Aerospace Metrology and Testing Technology

  Jingjing Li -Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing

  Zeng Xinyu - Fujian Institute of Metrology

  Zhang Zehong -Chongqing Institute of Quality Measurement and Testing

  Xu Li -Guangdong Institute of Metrology

  Liu Tao-Shenzhen Saite New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


The email from Wynand, chairman of the International Committee of Weights and Measures, on the international publication of China's measurement technology papers on August 17, 2021.


2023 Metrology Cooperation Introduction and Exchange Plan:


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